The Science and Art

of Living 

Life has its ups and downs. Learn how to stop struggling

and start living. Psychological flexibility is defined as adaptability to life circumstances, reconfiguration of mental resources, perspective shifting, and balancing competing wants and needs. It has been proven that high levels of psychological flexibility enhance overall well-being and a better understanding of the truth. Stop struggling. Learn how to live. 

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About Me

Thanks for visiting. My name is Lindsay, and I'm a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. I first took an interest in psychology during high school, and pursued my undergraduate degree in neuroscience and psychology at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA. Developing a fondness for PA and becoming an avid Steelers fan, I enrolled at Chatham University and declared residency in Pittsburgh while completing my Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology.

 I was born and raised in Mount Vernon and returned home to raise my boys in the center of their village. I have worked in residential facilities for youth, community mental health, private practice, and higher level education. I have particular strengths and interest in working with adolescents and the public schools. 

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